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Cosmetic Dentistry

We have the technical expertise and skill necessary to provide you with the results you want, whether you are in need of just a veneer or an entire smile makeover.


As an expert in Invisalign® aligners, Dr. Matian will straighten your teeth with this discreet, modern method.

Tooth Whitening

Making your teeth just a few shades whiter will make your smile appear infinitely brighter. Schedule an appointment with our tooth whitening experts.

Porcelain Veneers

Veneers are one of the most popular dental products. There are several excellent options for patients looking to improve their smile.

DURAThin Veneers

DURAthin veneers are made from very thin, high-quality porcelain, and can be applied without affecting the natural structure of the teeth.

Real Patients & Testimonials

Dr. Matian cares about his patients, his staff is amazing and the office is a clean and warm environment. I recommend them to all my family and friends. You can TRUST Northridge Dental!

Patty Smith


Northridge Dental is a fully accredited dental suite located in Northridge, California. This leading edge facility offers advanced, precise techniques to ensure the total health of any patient’s teeth. Additionally, it offers a full array of cosmetic dentistry procedures for those requiring a touch-up in the appearance of their teeth. 


Northridge Dental

Dr. Shawn Matian

9671 Reseda Blvd.

Northridge, CA 91324


(818) 345-5556

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