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Meet Dr. Matian

Dr. Shawn Matian, the man behind Northridge Dental, has taken dental care to the next level by delivering proven, cutting-edge techniques.

About Dr. Matian

Dr. Matian is a fully accredited metal-free dentist in Northridge, California. He is a native of the San Fernando Valley, having lived in the area since the age of two. He grew up in a “dental family,” with both his father and uncle practicing dentistry. After earning his Bachelor of Science in Computer Science in 2000, Dr. Matian decided to pursue further education by following his father’s footsteps in dentistry, which he considered to be the perfect blend of science and art. After a brief application process, Dr. Matian got accepted to the Ostrow School of Dentistry at USC.

Once his study was underway, Dr. Matian was immediately attracted to emerging dental technologies, including metal-free dentistry, CAD/CAM technologies and dental implants. USC was on the forefront of dental education, including biomimetic dentistry, which reconstructs teeth in a way to mimic their natural aesthetic form and function.During this time, Dr. Matian worked under some of the most respected dentists in the world to develop his clinical skills. He found a particular enjoyment in the creativity and artistic qualities of cosmetic dentistry. He excelled in his studies, becoming one of the few students to perform cosmetic dentistry and implant dentistry as an undergraduate.

Dr. Matian graduated with honors from USC in 2008.

Love and understanding of biocompatible dentistry

Following his graduation, Dr. Matian began working as an associate dentist with a high profile holistic dentist. It was during this time that Dr. Matian developed a love and understanding for biocompatible dentistry. To this day, it remains a primary practice philosophy, and Dr. Matian is careful to use only biocompatible materials in all procedures delivered.Instructor for Porcelain Veneer hands on course at Da Vinci Dental Studios.

Dr. Matian created Northridgge Dental in 2009 while continuing his work as an associate. He began by seeing his own patients one day per week. In 2013, he decided to dedicate his full schedule to developing Northridge Dental, officially opening his practice in a private, state-of-the-art facility. Since the inception of Northridge Dental, its top priority is to provide personalized, high quality, metal-free dental care. Dr. Matian currently resides in Tarzana, California. When not practicing dentistry, he enjoys spending time with his wife and 2 kids, reading about technology and science, working out, and traveling.

Real Patients & Testimonials

Dr. Matian cares about his patients, his staff is amazing and the office is a clean and warm environment. I recommend them to all my family and friends. You can TRUST Northridge Dental!

Patty Smith


Northridge Dental is a fully accredited dental suite located in Northridge, California. This leading edge facility offers advanced, precise techniques to ensure the total health of any patient’s teeth. Additionally, it offers a full array of cosmetic dentistry procedures for those requiring a touch-up in the appearance of their teeth. 


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